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I'm sorry for all the trouble. Let's talk serious.

Posted by j4vascr1pt - June 23rd, 2021

Okay, so a few days ago I left a comment on a movie that I don't want to talk about right now. And so. People were harrasing me about the comment and DMing me about all these crazy things and saying that I was 'wrong' and how I was like acting "stupid" and all those kinds of stuff. And I started getting really depressed because honestly the comment was just my opinion and I had no Idea why these people were harrasing me and insulting me, and I was just really confused cuz I thought people were gonna make youtube videos about me and I like thought I was gonna get cancelled or something. So I got really sad and scared and all that stuff.

and I just really couldn't keep my cool and just started raging all over the place I was like, do angry and I was just like, checking my notifications and see all these people disagreeing with me and getting mad and stuff. That made me mad too. I just couldn't really control it anymore. I was like a stampeding T-rex over here. I was stomping all over people. I got really angry and said so many angry things like, omg, stop getting mad at me, shut the fuck up, stop comparing me to things, and other stuff like that. I took a break. I couldn't deal with it. As I said, I thought I was gonna get cancelled and like I don't know why but Newgrounds was like a bad place for me and that's why I decided to take a break. I just made me so sad and I just started to cry.. days passed and I started to cheer up. And things got kinda better between me and those people.

Of course, People are still mad at me and think I'm a brat and stuff. I just don't want to feel like I'm a victim of getting canceled on Newgrounds or something else related to that.

For now, the comment has been deleted and I am still trying to make it up to people even though I did nothing wrong. Now I'm just trying to focus on the good in life and get happier than I was before.

(P.s: i'm still on break. I'm very sorry for the trouble !^^)

Edit: Break over